10 of the Best Fried Chicken Joints in Perth Worth the Calories

Fried chicken has become God’s gift amidst foodies of late. No longer you need to count on the Colonel to present you with greasy chicken pieces for a late night snack or to cater to your hangover, with a swing of the fried chicken eateries influencing Perth.

Perth has an abundance of fried chicken eateries to fulfill your yearning. To ensure you are at the receiving end of the finger-licking chicken, here’s our pick for Perth’s best-fried chicken joints.

1. Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken, Perth & Northbridge

At Hot-Star, a piece of fried chicken the size of your head awaits you. The chicken here is a huge one piece of the poultry fried to paragon and sprinkled with spices. This multi-nation chain is not a spot for a cosy, sit down meal, but if you are searching for the crispiest fried chicken on the go, this place will hit you a big time.

Website: http://hotstarchicken.com.au

2. tbsp., Bayswater

At tbsp., the buttermilk fried chicken is ruling the heart of Perth foodies. The crispy chicken, soft brioche bun and the tangy gochujang slaw all amalgamate together to make this brunch burger one worth hunting down. Every item on the tbsp menu is Asian inspired, and their buttermilk fried chicken burger is a thing of beauty. A lavish piece of excellent crispy chicken accompanied with slaw and pickles, on a pillowy brioche bun.

Contact: +61 (08) 6155 4933

3. 7 grams Chicken Cafe, Perth

7 grams offers an inundation of Korean fried chicken spots over the past few years, and we are surely not complaining. One of the more unnoticed additions in North Perth cafe 7grams, which has silently created a loyal following since its commencement in 2016. For extra crunch go for the original, but the spicy garlic or soy here are pretty hard to pass up, too.

Website: https://www.7gramschickenandcafe.com.au
Contact: +61 (04) 0613 3331

4. Chimek, Northbridge, Victoria Park & Southern River

Offering some of Perth’s best-fried chicken in Perth, the masters behind Chimek live and breathe fried chicken—and they spice it to excellence. We advised you to try their Southern Fried Chicken and wash it down with a root beer float. If you wish to get deep then Chimek is your place. Wallow in an enormous range of distinct fried chicken flavours and couple it up with some outstanding beer and soju. Bring a friend or a bunch and an appetite because the serving sizes here are grand.

Website: http://www.chimekchimek.com.au
Contact: +61 (08) 9228 3888

5. Restaurant JUN, Perth

Jun has long been a love of Japanese admirers in Perth, and their karaage and katsu never fail to impress. Drooling golden, super crispy, and super yummy- and for some logic, when fried chicken is known as katsu, it does not feel quite as guilt-inducing? A rose by any other name and all that…

Website: http://restaurantjun.com
Contact: +61 (08) 9221 3339

6. RoyAl’s Chicken & Burgers, East Victoria Park & Wembley

Popular for its buttermilk fried chicken, RoyAl’s caters to all your chicken fantasies. Never miss their real dill chicken popcorn, you will regret big time. If you are a wings fan, the cajun crunchy wings are highly recommended.

Contact: +61 (08) 9355 0901

7. 3230 Smoke + Grill, Como & Jandakot

Delicious. It’s the most suited word that describes 3230 Soke + Jandakot. Everything here is drool-worthy. Right from their fried chicken, to burgers, this place never goes wrong in their food game.

Website: http://3230smokeandgrill.com.au
Contact: +61 (08) 9395 8990

8. Short Order Burger Co, Fremantle & Perth

Hunting for a burger fried more than a bun, then Short Order is your place. The buttermilk fried chicken burger here is topped off with sriracha and their magic, and in house-made sauce, this is the perfect hangover cure.

Website: http://www.shortorder.com.au
Contact: +61 (04) 2847 8797

9. The Hummus Club, Northbridge

The Hummus sits at the line of separation between past and present. Here, traditional meals are reinvented with locally sourced ingredients offering west Australian vibes. This place truly offers a unique experience of food, drinks, music and art.

Website: http://www.thehummusclub.com
Contact: +61 (08) 9227 8215

10. TAKA’s Kitchen, Fremantle

It’s no more wonder why so many Perthians love this economical and cheerful Japanese fare at Taka’s Kitchen. Visit the place to get your hands on a lavish serving of their absolutely compelling Chicken Karaage.

Contact: +61 (08) 9335 7676

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