Best Cookies in Sydney That Are Loaded with Goodness!

There is nothing more refreshing than devouring a freshly baked cookie. Be it sweet, salty or baked with a savoury twist, a cookie remains unbeaten when it comes to a tea time snack. We relished having our share while discovering the best cookies in Sydney that are a must-try!

1. Bennett/Blair St Dairy, Bondi

Ask anyone where you can get Sydney’s famous cookie, and they would point their fingers towards Bennett/Blair St Dairy in Bondi. Home to gigantic and unbeatable pizza cookies, this place has an exclusive virtual cookie dough store where you can get 500 grams of cookie dough easily to recreate the cookie magic in your own kitchen. We love choc chips and white chocolate macadamia – just divine!

Contact: +61 (02) 8387 2149

2. Bourke Street Bakery, Sydney (Multiple Locations)

If you only stopped by to grab a pastry or bread and haven’t yet tried the chocolate and sour cherry cookie at Bourke Street Bakery, you are literally missing out on life. The sublime combination of sweetness with a tinge of sour cutting through makes this cookie worth lining up for!


3. Brickfields, Chippendale & Marrickville

A favourite among the locals, Brickfields offers quality bread and fantastic pastries. When you head over to this place, grab a table straight away and take in the calm vibes with plenty of natural light coming in through the windows. Brickfields version of cookies includes Anzac biscuits, black sesame cookies & spelt fig and ginger cookie for the vegans. Why not try a few with a cup of coffee?

Contact: +61 (02) 9698 7880

4. Flour and stone, Woolloomooloo

Being a regular at Flour & Stone, you must have tasted Nadine Ingram’s famous Cookie Couture gingerbread. If not, it’s time for you to dig into these exquisitely iced biscuits that are baked in a variety of designs according to seasons. You can find rainbows and ice-creams in summers and bears, foxes and squirrels in winter. But it’s not the shape that’s interesting, the spice mix brings out the heavenly taste that can become a perfect combination with an afternoon cup of tea!

Contact: +61 (02) 8068 8818

5. Flour Drum, Newtown

A charming Sydney cafe, Flour Drum is where you can see the ever-changing works of art displayed on the menu board. Be it pies made from scratch or buttery and crispy pastries, grabbing breakfast here have been just a great start to your day. The cafe also sells giant mouth-watering cookies, made fresh every day at just $8. A sweet treat for hungry souls.

Contact: +61 (02) 9565 2822

6. Jillian’s Cakery, Surry Hills

There is nothing that you won’t love about Jillian’s Cakery. The bakery stocks a plethora of baked goods that can meet your desire for sweeter things. Enter a world loaded with buttery icing, cinnamon rolls and fudgy brownies that knock you off your feet. When it comes to cookies, their choco chips cookies are just amazing. You can also order choco chips cookie dough for $25.

Contact: +61 (02) 9212 4253

7. Butter Boy, Manly

Butter Boy keeps the people on the Northern Beach well-fed with cookies. Their cookies are chewy and delicious and as big as your face, so you can enjoy them a little longer. Our favourites are the peanut butter topped with jam and cinnamon and the brownie sandwich cookie. But wait, they have launched another amazing treat- a red velvet cookie with a whipped cheesecake centre. Head over to dig into the creamy delight today!

Contact: +61 (04) 1598 1267

8. Thicc Cookies (Deliver)

Thicc Cookies is a brainchild of Chris Sheldrick- a man behind New Sydney Bakery and Banksia Bakehouse. Expect New York-style chewy creations that can be ordered straight to your doorstep all over Australia. You can get flavours ranging from biscoff lotus and red velvet to caramilk and peanut butter. The huge cookies are delivered to you in a foil, and you can even reheat them in your oven before enjoying the tea-time snack.


9. The Baked Box, Sydney

If there is someplace enhancing the cookie greatness, it is The Baked Box. They spoil you with the choices of flavours, including cara-mak milk, cinnabon, pretzel and nutella. Drooling already? Think of the classic dark or white chocolate chips sprinkled with sea salt. You can also turn any of your fav chocolate bars into a one-kilogram cookie! So, if you haven’t ordered these monster cookies, it’s high time to get them!

Contact: +61 0424 496 413

10. Shwarmama, Surry Hills

Shwarmama dishes out the ultimate falafel pita and whimsical marinated chicken shawarma. But did you know, the six-piece menu also holds one of the best cookies in Sydney? Oh, yes! Although it seems odd and unexpected to have a sweet treat gaining attention among their spicy delights, the cookies do not disappoint even a bit. Don’t just take our word for it. Try for yourself, you should be ordering a second one.

Contact: +61 (02) 8057 1553

Be it sweet, savoury, vegan or gluten-free cookies, the next time you crave some, refer to this list and order a whole lot. Or consider ordering the dough and get to the baking business!

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