Count the Stars at These Best Rooftop Bars in Melbourne!

It’s a lifetime experience to eat and drink at the top of a skyscraper. And when Melbourne has such picturesque views to offer, it becomes necessary to climb these rooftop bars in the city that are even better at nightfall. When you are at the top looking at the stars above you, along with the scenic city views, it gives you a feel of royalty.

After a long year, the rooftop bars in Melbourne are back in the game with their levelled-up food menu and brand-new list of cocktails. So, get ready to be enchanted with eats, drinks and music gigs at our favourite picks in Melbourne!

1. Rooftop Bar Melbourne

With great afternoon drinks and an amazing atmosphere, the Rooftop bar offers the nicest view of Melbourne’s skyline. Expect delicious burgers, thirst-quenching craft beers and rooftop movies at this marvellous sun trap. Ensure getting a shade and wearing sunscreen before you go.

Contact: +61 (03) 9654 5394

2. Madame Brussels, Melbourne CBD

An extravagant rooftop venue for your garden party, Madame Brussels is situated in the middle of the city. You’ll feel like you have landed in a fantasy wonderland. A perfect tribute to Madame from the 19th-century, this place bestows a bohemian lifestyle with a sensational attitude. Head over for the big jugs of Pimms paired with poached chicken sandwiches at this quirky place with lush areas to cool down in summers.

Contact: +61 (03) 9662 2775

3. Union Electric Bar And Rooftop Gin Garden, Melbourne CBD

Neither the biggest nor the highest, Union Electric Bar is humble with no real views to speak of. But don’t scratch it off the list without visiting once. It has 300 gins and an extremely friendly atmosphere. Order some pizzas and get the craft beers on the tap. If you are a martini lover, these guys run martini drinking contests too!

Contact: +61 (03) 8609 3161

4. Rooftop at QT, Melbourne CBD

Organise a perfect outing on cosy winter days or starry summer nights at Rooftop at QT. Here is where you can upgrade your evenings with your friends. Be it your private rendezvous or a silly soiree, the Rooftop at QT offers marvellous drinks and sparkling spirits under the bright Melbourne sky!

Contact: +61 (03) 8636 8800

5. Easey’s, Collingwood

Offering some serious burgers at five-storey high, inside a train carriage, this venue has got awesome art, music, food, drinks and everything one could ask for. They start early at 7 am, but their breakfast menu is not something you would usually expect. Grab some fried chicken crumbed in frosty cereal, and you will not feel hungry all day. A unique rooftop bar in Collingwood’s Backstreets, this is not the place to judge by just looks! Must-visit!

Contact: +61 (03) 9417 2250

6. Siglo Bar, Melbourne CBD

Sitting above the Melbourne Supper Club, this rooftop bar has matchless landscapes of Spring Street and Parliament House. Siglo is also one of those few places having their own cigar menu. But there is more to it than just that. This is a great bar to hop in on the coldest winter nights. Just secure your spot under the mushroom heater, and you are good to go. Along with the celebration with fat Cuban, their cocktail menu is also unbelievably excellent. Just a charmer!

Contact: +61 (03) 9654 6631

7. Bomba, Melbourne CBD

A Spanish restaurant and bar located in the Central Business district right in the middle of Melbourne, Bomba is making it big with its tapas-style menu and spectacular views of the city. A favourite hangout for Melbournians, this is the place to get bottomless brunches accompanying tasty drinks. It’s not a surprise, they secured a place on the top rooftop bars list!

Contact: +61 (03) 9650 5778

8. Goldilocks Rooftop Bar, Melbourne CBD

A hidden gem located atop the Denyers Building, Goldilocks Rooftop Bar is understated. The retractable rooftop bar is great for all weathers. Come down for some craft beers, Victorian wines and tasty treats. You’ll find this place is just perfect!


9. Corner Hotel, Richmond

A remodelled 19th-century pub, which has been a home to live music since its opening, Corner Hotel has a great rooftop terrace up the top. What’s more, is the rumbling of the trains rotating by too. Order their classic parma or a fat steak sandwich and enjoy the gig.

Contact: +61 (03) 9427 7300

10. Loop Roof Cocktail Bar & Garden – Melbourne

Loop is a recent addition to the list of Melbourne’s best open-to-sky venues. This place has stunning panoramic views and a superb array of drinks on tap, and innovative thirst-quenching cocktails. Order some curated bites and let the party begin!

Contact: +61 (04) 8808 7301

So, tie your shoelaces, call up your friends and become a part of Melbourne’s festivities at these amazing places. Once you are there, we promise, you’ll plan for your next visit immediately! Not joking at all!

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